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Agriculture Loans

KILIMO BIASHARA LOAN - SMALL SCALE Target The target beneficiaries of this product are the small scale commercial food crops farmers. Purpose To finance purchase of farm inputs such as certi

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Asset Finance loans

 This is a short to medium term loan granted to customers for purchase of moveable capital assets, mainly Motor Vehicles, construction equipment, industrial plant & machinery, a

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Consumer Loans

EQUILOAN The Equiloan (Medium term needs) is a loan granted to salaried clients whose employers have check-off arrangements with Equity Bank Ltd for investing in

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Micro Business Loans

This is a new product targeting the youth which form the bulk of the population.  Identify and prepare new business markets. Providing t

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SME Loans

Small and Medium sized Entrepreneurs (SME- BUSINESS LOAN) Available to SME’s operating in Transport, Trade and Commerce, Construction, Manufacturing, E

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Women Loans

Fanikisha Loans FEATURES Lending to groups (15-30 members). Access to loans from 1,000-300,000. Repayment period of 6-12 months.

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Maji Loan

Bring water home with Maji Loan Water is life. Equity Bank offers you a loan to access water. We provide financing towards purchase of tanks, water connections, boreholes, shallow wells, wa

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Jamii Safi Loan

Make your environment safe with Jamii Safi Loan Equity Bank offers you a loan to access sanitation facilities. We provide financing towards construction of pit latrines and toilets, septic

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Financing Provided By Equity Bank

Hashi Gas: Hashi Equity Financing Chloride Exide: Chloride Exide & Equity Bank Partnership StarTimes: Pata Digital Victoria Courts: FlexiMax

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